"I was just dabbling & not able to achieve my goals. Often, I would set them but never follow through.

With goal setting & productivity systems from Maven Map, I achieve most of my goals ahead of time and often left with free time to think more about important aspects of life."

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What if there was a proven formula you could follow to achieve all your goals & dreams?


Losing weight? Absolutely.

Read more books? Yes, bring them on.

Start a new business? I will do it.

We all set new year resolutions.

Are you still following them?

Chances are that you’re back to normal life.

You’re not a quitter. Don’t lose hope.

Problem is you are not using a proven framework to set & achieve goals.

This process here is what you are going through:

You set goals with high expectations.

Then your life comes in the way.

You try one more time before finally forgetting about it.

The above graph explains the goal setting process of 99% people.

But the top 1%, don't use that process.

There are proven strategies & formulas that high achievers use. They aren’t as complicated as you might think but hard to find.

Let’s stop quitting and get it right this time.

At Maven Map, we share the best strategies with you to get your life organized and designed in your own way.

These strategies are used daily by high achievers.

If your goals/dreams at your end feel like a messy, terrifying, stressful shitshow, don’t worry.

Let’s try one more time & this time – we’re on your side.

To begin, here’s a goal setting template that only 1% of the people use. Go ahead & download it to set your goals again from scratch.

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