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The Art of Goal Setting

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Over 90% of the people quit trying to achieve their goals within a week & hence never fulfill their dreams.

This is when we decided to write this ultimate guide to goal setting. We recommend you to read this entire post, however, if you want to jump onto a section feel free to do so.

This article has the following key sections:

Goal Setting Process of an Underachiever

We researched hundreds of people who missed their goals and found the same pattern in their every day lives. Let’s see how a non-achiever person sets their goals.

  1. They start high with one problem they want to eliminate from their life. E.g. lose weight & be fit. Motivation is high here.
  2. Moving forward, they take some action – join a gym, on-board a personal trainer, and are ready to rock. (For two days, lol)
  3. Their daily life habits interrupt their new routine and they begin quitting for a day or two. Until next time. They call this as it’s just a day I missed, I’ll be back from tomorrow.
  4. After a few days, they finally give it a try one more time, until their old pattern again interrupts.
  5. Finally, they quit. Never discussing it, or discussing it jokingly that I tried to fit, but life is good. Why take hassles?
    However, inside of them, they now have lower self-esteem, lower confidence level and it starts a spiral loop in other areas of their life as well.
Goal Setting Everyday Arc images
Every Day Arc of Goal Setting

Our Promise:

Our promise is that this article is going to be a crash course on setting goals. Reading this whole piece is equivalent to attending a goal-setting workshop.

Please go ahead & bookmark this page in case you’re too busy at this time to go through this in one sitting.

Get a pen & your notes diary to go along as we proceed. Remember it’s a workshop, so you would have to do the work as we move along.

I strongly urge you to leave your phone aside, shut off your Facebook or any other account, and focus just on this. Your goals deserve a lot more attention than those things.

We’ll be working on together in developing a plan on your dreams – things you would like to accomplish, places you would like to travel, people you would like to meet, and much more.

And most importantly understanding the price you have to pay to achieve those dreams – books you’ve to read, skills you’ve to acquire, sleepless nights you have to work on.

But in the end you’ll say – ‘it was a small price to pay’.

So, Let’s begin and understand the importance of goal setting. Once you clearly understand the importance of goals, you’ll be able to understand the right way of goal setting easily.

Importance of Goal Setting

1) Goals Create Daily Habits/Processes:

When you don’t have goals, you do not need to have the daily habits of successful people. You can live whatever way you want to be.

However, when you have goals. It makes you think about the daily actions you need to take to achieve those goals, hence create new habits accordingly.

If your goal is to be be more fit, you’ll know that you need to hit the gym daily, or run for 30 mins, or control your eating habits.

Without goals, it’s fine to do anything. But when goals are there, you have to plan your daily activities accordingly.

2) Goals Help You Cut the Crap:

Once you set your goals, you immediately put other, non-important, things in a separate category.

With the above step, you almost instantly evaluate what daily stuff you need to get rid of that is preventing you to reach your goals.

E.g. You have a goal to save $12000 by December. You will immediately evaluate that you need to save every single month around $1000.

Here you will get into the job of finding ways to a) Cut your expenses or b) increase your income.

You will see there are a lot of expenses that you do every month that is not required. Subscriptions you have, the money you spend on stuff that you don’t use, excessive partying, etc.

Or there are some projects that you can take in your free time to make more income, but you were procrastinating.

In either case, once you evaluate these things, you’ll get started on the path of achieving your goals.

3) Goals Elevate Your Mental Game:

People who have dreams, seek out knowledge to achieve their dreams every day.

Once your goals are locked in, you’ll have aspirations to seek knowledge on achieving those from mentors, books, videos, seminars, colleagues & from almost everywhere.

You’ll feel that the resources required to achieve your dreams, were most of the time available to you, but you never focused on them.

Without setting proper goals, it’s not possible, as you’ll not know what you need from anyone & miss out on opportunities.

4) Measurement of What Works & What Not:

Without goals, you have no clue whether you’re winning or losing in life. It would be monotonous.

Living with absolutely no sense of achievement is the ultimate failure. This will lead to a mediocre life & mostly with no personal growth.

Once you have a list of goals, you can keep a track of how much progress you’re making & be happy about it. Or figure out that your efforts need to level up in order to achieve your goals.

You’ll be alive. You will have a reason to celebrate as soon as you hit one of your goals & grow.

5) Goals Make Your Uncomfortable & Stretch:

This is the best thing about goals. They make you restless & push you to utilize every second you have in your hand to try to accomplish them.

You would know that the stuff is undone, tasks are pending, hence you will always try to work harder & eventually try to hit your targets before the deadline you gave.

Thus, giving you a huge bump in your confidence.

6) Clarity on Your Life Goals:

Being on the path of goals & trying to achieve them, you’ll get more clearer on your life goals.

You’ll soon be able to get the non-important goals out of life to achieve what really makes you happy.

This will take some time, but you’ll eventually get to this clarity and it would be bliss.

Let’s get right into steps to set your goals the right way.

Steps to Goal Setting

Step 1: Get your dreams on the paper

List the things that you’ll like to accomplish in the next 10 years. Try to list at least 20 things in this but we recommend you to have around 50.

It will take a few minutes to get this done.

Think courageously, out of the box, irrespective of your current situation – financially, emotionally, or otherwise.

These could be major or minor things, significant or not significant things, but these should be your things. Your dreams.

Treat this as your chance to tell yourself – if these goals/dreams would happen, I’ll be the most satisfied. Do not limit yourself here.

Ideally, you should be doing this in your daily planner, but if you don’t own one, grab a piece of paper & get it started.

List them down now, one under the other. Like 1, 2, 3.

These could be:

  • places you would like to visit,
  • parachute out of a plane,
  • star in a movie,
  • win goal medal in the Olympics,
  • learn to play music,
  • try a new sport,
  • the car you would like to drive,
  • hotels you would like to stay,
  • hire a chauffeur,
  • properties you would like to own,
  • be debt-free,
  • health goals,
  • career goals,
  • productivity goals,
  • learn to swim,
  • and many more.

Anything you would like to do, own, experience should be on this list.

Here’s what it should look like: (Don’t worry about having small goals or big goals. It should be your goals.)

Goal setting step 1 - list of goals

Assuming the list is ready by now. Let’s move to step number two.

Step 2 – Divide these goals into years

In the next column, give each goal a number i.e. 1, 3, 5, 10. The number is how many years do you think it will take to achieve the goals you just wrote down.

If a goal would take about a year, mark it as 1. If it will take around 5 years, mark it as 5.

By the end of this, you would have a clear written, one-year goals, three-year goals, five-year goals, and ten-year goals.

Count them. How many one year goals you have. how many three year goals you have and all the way to ten-year goals.

If you don’t have ten-year goals, you’re not thinking that far. You’re stuck in short term thinking. In this case, you should begin thinking long term as we proceed. You can always come back & add new goals to your list.

Here’s the key, once you achieve any of your goals, celebrate & reward yourself. It will give you the energy to go after other goals you have.

Goal setting step 2 - Years

Assuming you’re done with step 2, let’s move to step 3.

Step 3 of Goal Setting: Mark the Importance

Out of all your 1-year goals, which four goals are the most important. Mark them down.

And ask yourself – why are they the most important goals?

Answer specifically what you’ll get by achieving those goals, Feelings you’ll feel, making your family proud, or for other reasons. Specify it here.

E,g, if one of the goals in your list is to buy a big lavish house, the question to ask is why do you want to buy a big lavish house?

It could be because you want to give your family a space to enjoy, give your kids their playing area, do family gatherings at your place & enjoy.

Specific the why here.

Remember why is more important than how. If you have a big enough why you will always find a way to reach your goals.

A quick example of this: However, the more elaborative you’re with your ‘why’, the bigger would be the chance that you don’t give up.

Goal setting step 3 - Why you want to achieve goals

Let’s move to the last & the most important step of goal setting.

Step 4: Becoming Worth the Success

Answer this – What kind of person must I become to achieve all of my goals?

Because in reality – you achieve based on who you become and what actions you take. The more you become & work, the more you’ll achieve.

This is the time to be true to yourself.

Maybe you need to be more educated than you are now, you need to eat better to become healthier, you need some coaching, maybe you need a mentor.

Evaluate who you have to become to achieve your goals & what’s missing currently.

Write specifically against each goal, your task list/learning list/to-do list, and get to work immediately.

If one of the goals require you to learn a new skill, go online, find a course about it, and buy it right now. Start the process to learn that skill.

If another goal is to read 20 books this year, set up time aside an hour every day for reading. Block your time right now for the next 1 year, send yourself a recurring calendar invite.

Too simple? It always was.

So, at this time, you’ve clear written goals, you know by what time frame you want to achieve them, why you want to achieve those goals, and what you need to do to get there.

What else do you need? Get to work. No more procrastination about your goals.

Towards the end, I want to share a few quotes with you that you can read in case you feel demotivated. Remember – Don’t quit until you reach your goals.

Goal Setting Quotes:

  • “Put your goals out of your head and put it on a paper.”
  • “When you’ve accomplished some goals, you need some more goals to accomplish.” – Jim Rohn
  • “The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting and achieving goals.” – Og Mandino
goal setting quote by Og Mandino
  • “A goal without a timeline is just a dream.”
  • Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
Settings goals is the first step in turning the invisible to visible
  • “When the why gets stronger, the how gets easier.” – Jim Rohn
  • “A goal should scare you a little, & excite you a lot.” – Joe Vitale
quotes about goal setting by Joe Vitale
  • “Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them.” – Les Brown
  • “Write your goals down in detail and read your list of goals every day.” – Jack Canfield

You can see yourself, how this goal-setting system can help you achieve your dreams.

We’ve also put together a planner for you that you can use on a daily basis to track your progress.

Reviews about the planner that we have are no less than amazing and people using it were able to get moving towards their goal in no time.

If you’re ready & committed to achieve your goals, we highly recommend looking at this planner & getting one copy for you to begin right now.

maven planner

Check it out here on our ‘shop’ section, try out the planner & see yourself the impact it can have on your life.

Remember the first step is all it takes to achieve your goals, take that first step now.

Also, in case you’re busy & want quick answers to a few frequently asked questions about goal setting, here are they.

How Do You Set a Goal?

1. Write down your dreams in a daily planner, have at least 20 goals.
2. Divide those goals in the short term & long term goals.
3. Mark the important goals & why you must achieve them.
4. Spend time & energy to learn the skills to move faster towards your goal.


How Do You Measure Goals?

Measuring goals is generally simple. It mostly is did you achieve your goal or not? For long-term goals, have smaller stops to evaluate progress. E.g. for a goal to save 1 Lakh Rupees in a year, evaluate after every three months. If you’ve not reached savings of Rs 25000 till that time, you’re running slow. Improve from there.


Why is Goal Setting Important?

Setting goals is like setting the destination on a map. Your brain instantly knows where you want to reach & helps you get there. Once you set goals, you’ll begin creating daily habits that will help you cut the noise and increase your knowledge & chances to achieve your goals.


What are SMART Goals?

SMART for us stands for Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic & Testable.

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