The Art of Goal Setting

A Lot of people try to set their goals (some call them new year resolutions) but eventually fail to achieve them.

The good news is you don’t have to sit demotivated & say to yourself, let’s try one more time.

In this article, we’re going to share the process that high net worth individuals use to set goals & to achieve them.

At the end of the article, I will give you the option to download the framework to use every time you sit to set your goals.

Before you begin reading this further, I urge you to leave your phone aside, shut off your Facebook or any other account and focus just on this. Your goals deserve a lot more attention than those things.

It’s not just another article you will read about goal setting. Get out of your lousy state & let’s get in action to meet your goals from today and now.

The framework has four major components, and ten sub-components and each of the element has its purpose. Don’t miss out on any of these.

The framework: Let’s get into the details of each section.

Goal Setting Template

#1 – Defining & Categorization of Goals

What all areas of your life you want to improve? Professional, Personal, Financial?

The biggest mistake people make while setting their goals is that they have a single list that has all their goals listed in one place, which is crazy. Not all goals are equally important. Not all goals impact all areas of your life.

So, in the first component, we define the goal. There are three sub-components:

  • Goal – Your Actual target you want to achieve. One Single goal.
  • Category Group – It is about which area of your life? Personal, professional, financial, emotional, relationships etc.
  • Timeline – I want to achieve this goal by this date. Hint – Don’t be too optimistic, but don’t be too pessimistic as well. Push yourself to put a deadline that would be slightly out of your comfort zone. Modestly, I said.

#2 Impact Areas of the Goals

The first sub-component of this section is: Why is this goal important to you? Or a better question to ask is – Why You MUST achieve this goal?

Is it because you’re in pain right now & not happy with your life? Or simply because you want to achieve more? Think deeply about this section. The big one why will give you the power to go through the hard times to achieve this goal.

The second important sub-component here is who this goal will impact in your life? Your family, friends, kids. Sometimes, we do a lot more for others than we would do for ourselves.

#3 – Strategies & Tactics to Achieve the Goals

Till now, you know a specific goal you want to achieve, by when, why you must accomplish it and people it will impact if you’re successful.

This part of the framework will help you structure your MAP – Massive Action Plan to achieve your goal. Which tasks are required to do, what are the sub-tasks that we need to complete to achieve our goal in time?

Another sub-component of this framework helps you prioritize your task list as well based on the impact it will have. Major the impact, the higher priority is given to this task.

Due to this, it might happen that at the end of the goals you have not done all of these tasks but still would have achieved your goal.

#4 Measurement of the Action Plan

Measuring your progress is super important. A lot of people lose out here.

Take one action, measure and reassure yourself that you’re moving forward. Don’t wait for the goal to be accomplished to celebrate. Every step you take has to be acknowledged.

Once you begin taking action, keep jotting down your progress – one step at a time. This tracker will help you know the truth. The more you fill this section, the more progress you’re making towards your goal.

For every sub-task you have created in the massive action plan, this has a column available to track that.

Let me ask you a question?

Have you ever created your goals list like this? And as detailed as this for one single purpose?

The high net worth professionals use the framework daily. Go ahead & download your copy now. Also, we will be sharing a filled copy of this framework that helps you visually see a filled copy of this template.

Download from here. And you will receive this template.

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