Habits of Successful People (And not so successful people)

Habits of Successful People Missing
  • Lewis wants to be successful
  • Going through a hard time figuring out what is missing from his personal development as he’s far away from his goals
  • Dedicated to his success
  • Due to the above challenges, he’s a little frustrated about his situation and wants to change it immediately. (Frustration is a great fuel if used correctly, you & I know this)

This guide is built for all the people out there who are just like ‘lewis’. If you’re one of the people thinking what do successful people do that makes them successful, you’re at the right spot.

Also, it would outline how a person’s response is triggered by his/her personality and the situation that is faced by them. Successful people face tough situations all day, but their response to it is completely different from unsuccessful people’ s response.

We’re going to dig deeper into each of the good habits of successful people but feel free to jump to any section that interests you.


Habit 1 – Wake Up Early, Exercise & Plan your Day

Lewis wakes up at 9:00 A.M.


Unsuccessful people wake up late


Like most people, he rolls over in bed, grabs his phone from the nightstand, and check to see what he “missed” while sleeping.

He might not realize it, but that innocent phone peek starts a chain reaction.

It opens a floodgate of distractions—email, social media, etc.—and before he knows it, he’s out the door headed to the office.

Every successful person has mornings that are worth having. They are the best when they wake up and do their best to get it productive.

Successful people wake up Early


Every successful person has certainly completed few of the action items on his task list before Lewis wakes up.

They have a strict exercise routine to keep their body full of energy.

Daily planner is an essential ingredient of their day which helps them stay in focus and keep a track on their progress. If you need a similar planner used by high performance people, do check out – Maven Planner here.

Habit 2 – Stay Focused at all Times & Look for Opportunities to Grow Yourself & Your Career/Business

During the day, Lewis meets a lot of people, is usually busy chatting on social media platforms, is in constant discussions about new shows on Netflix, and is often found complaining about his income or boss.

His work day looks something like this:

Unsuccessful people habit of wasting their time
Of,course he works too, only to ensure he is not fired.

On other hand successful people are busy pushing their top 3 priorities of the day that they finalized at the beginning of the day and are tracking every hour of their work using their planner.

They ensure, they do not get into the trap of complaining/gossiping with fellow colleagues, discussing about new TV shows & just wasting time without being productive.

Instead they focus on networking & meeting new people who can help them reach their goals quickly.

Here’s what their day looks like:

Successful people utilize their time by improving productivity

Habit 3 of Successful People – Plan Your Finances to Build a Greater Future

Lewis has a strange way of spending his money. His favorite remarks are – “I don’t know where my money goes. Above all, they pay me too less, there’s always too much month left at the end of my pay check/income.”

Would you like Lewis to run your company? He’ll come back & say – He doesn’t know where all the money goes. LOL.

Investing is a foreign word for Lewis. He believes in spending. This is what his financial statement looks like:

Unsuccessful people waste their money with poor financial habits

Successful people have sound financial habits. The biggest expense on their financial statements is always either savings or investments to create a secondary income.

They live below their means and work hard to improve their financial status every single day.

With few months of following this practice, they build a savings account with at-least 6 months of their current income and then invest the surplus amount to create a secondary income.

Within few years successful people never have to worry about a pay check as their investments begin creating income for their future.

Their financial statement looks like:

Successful people invest their money with rich financial habits

Habit 4 of Successful People – Say No to Things that Don’t Contribute to Your Goals.

Till now, we’ve figured out that Lewis doesn’t have his goal list mapped out. Without his goals list, he has no clue which opportunities to grab & which one to say no.

He generally says YES to almost everything that comes his way and is usually distracted to areas where he has no interest.

Successful people don’t operate like this. They say NO to most of the opportunities that come there way as they know which ones are for their better future & which are just distractions.

Successful people say no very often

Habit 5 – Problem Solving Mindset

Lewis likes to be in his own comfort zone and rarely picks up anything outside of his comfort zone. His mantra in life is – Stay away from problems.

Hence the moment he is hit with a problem, he gets into the zone of excuses or blaming. Excuses why he can’t solve the problem, and blaming others for it.

He evens throws the towel most of the time saying – This project is already great, I can’t make it any better. He speaks like this:

Problem creating mindset of poor and unsuccessful people

Successful people know the importance of staying out of the comfort zones. They don’t shy away from problems. They run into it. And the biggest businesses out there solve problems.

When encountered with a problem, successful people see it as an opportunity to either start a new business or grow their skills trying to solve it.

They generally speak like this:

Problem solving mindset of rich successful people

Habit 6 – Amazing Communicators

Communication is an amazing tool, IF, and it’s a big IF, used correctly.

Lewis doesn’t understands this. He has never ever worked on his vocabulary, never learns the art of negotiation or persuasion, never learns/reads about how to speak, write, communicate better.

Because of this, people around him never feel motivated, never impressed by him. He often has challenges presenting his ideas because of his lack of communication ability and never given a responsible position.

Successful people focus on personal development all day long. They understand the art of story telling, motivating others, negotiating. They communicate to get their job done smoothly.

And they do this by learning how to speak, write i.e. communicate better.



Here’s a brief summary of all the habits of successful people that Lewis misses:

  1. Wake Up Early, Exercise & Plan your Day
  2. Stay Focused at all Times & Look for Opportunities to Grow Yourself & Your Career/Business
  3. Plan Your Finances to Build a Greater Future
  4. Say No to Things that Don’t Contribute to Your Goals.
  5. Problem Solving Mindset
  6. Excellent Communication Skills

If you’re a video lover, we’ve also condensed the entire information of this article in this video.


I hope this guide helps you improve your productivity, makes you achieve your goals eventually making you a successful person.


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