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Maven Planner

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Maven Planner


This planner has been created after a careful study into the habits of high-performance people, who achieve every set goal and win even when odds are stacked against them.

So, How do they set their goals? How is it that they plan their day? How do they jot down their ideas and how do those ideas eventually play? How do they motivate themselves to go out & succeed?

The answer lies in the FIVE KEY TRAITS that all high-performance people have:

  1. Their minds are Positive
  2. Their goals are Prioritised
  3. Their time is Planned
  4. Their work is Papered
  5. Their performance is Positioned

And Maven Planner helps you do exactly this.

With daily pages that start with a positive note to yourself, to sections that help you prioritise your day and plan your time, this is your own space that helps you jot down your work/ideas, enabling you to dominate the day and carve that winning path.

With Weekly & Monthly performance monitoring charts, you can now position yourself amidst bigger challenges and overcome those to win better opportunities.


With Maven Planner:

  • Prioritize Your Goals to cut down distraction
  • Plan Your Task List to achieve your goals faster
  • Carefully spend your time on high impact Items
  • Track Your Performance to overcome your challenges
  • Jot Down Your Best Ideas to work on them

Total Transformation - Let's take a deeper glance into the Maven Planner..

Sort the Chaos with Daily Pages

Begin your day by positively defining yourself and with a clear intention of how to step forward, towards your goals. Keep tracking your small wins throughout the day, and sign off your performance at the end of the day. Beat the daily chaos & sort your 24 hours in an orderly fashion.

Maven Planner
Maven Planner

Order the Menace with Weekly Pages

Say goodbye to unproductivity with the Maven Planner. Your weeks will be organised like never before. The unique weekly sections not only help you plan, but also help you form perspectives as you rate yourself on personal and professional fronts. With professional tools such as Habit Assessment, the Maven Planner ensures that your week is cut above that of the rest, just like you are.

Mind the Affairs with Monthly Pages

Monthly deadlines? It will be a cakewalk with the Maven Planner. With advanced features such as Monthly Review and score-tracking, this high-performance tool ensures that your long-term planning stretches as far as a month, and effectively so.

Maven Planner

Achieve your Goals, the Maven Way...

Take the Maven route towards achieving your goals. High-performance people require an equally efficient tool to bring out the best in them. With Maven Planner, you can now perform in the best way with its professional segments and performance-oriented tools, all designed to make your planning and performance better than the best.

Maven Planner

Maven Planner

Think Good, Jot Better, Perform Best...

The Maven Planner has been designed to make your ideas even better than they actually were at the time of conception. It’s a conglomerate of ideas, thoughts, experiences, people, and more, organised efficiently by using tools that have been curated after studying high-performance individuals. Convert your good ideas into best performances with the Maven Planner.

What makes Maven Planner the success tool that it is?

The Maven Planner is not just a regular organiser, it is your roadmap towards a high-performance life.

Our Community Loves Our System
Because It is So Simple to Use...

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Maven Planner

Maven Planner is a sure-shot formula for success, wrapped into a neatly-bound edition. It is a road-map for your every goal – whether short-term or long-term. It helps you prioritise your day, weeks & months to ensure you have a laser focus to achieve your goals.

Maven Planner increases your productivity & helps you become the person you always wanted to be.

Motivate yourself, prioritise your goals, plan your time, jot down your ideas, network with like minded individuals and do all that you can to attract success, using Maven Planner.

Thousands like you rely on this system to achieve their goals. What are you waiting for?

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