Maven Planner – Undated Daily Weekly Monthly Planner to Stay Focused, Plan & Achieve Goals and Improve Productivity

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Maven Planner is a daily weekly monthly planner built for people like you. You have goals, you know you have the potential but need to plan your time & productivity a little better.

Maven Planner guides you to reduce your distractions & prioritize your high impact to-do lists. It also helps you track your progress & jot down the best ideas to work on them.

Join thousands of high-performance people who use Maven Planner Daily! You will no more be just busy, you will be productive.

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Why Maven Planner

Imagine if today you DECIDE to TAKE CONTROL of your life?

You finally say no to sacrifices...

Or adjusting to your reality...

Or struggling day & night without any real progress...

And most importantly, no more letting others decide how you are going to live your rest of the life.

Because, here's the ultimate fact, If you have dreams about your life, you definitely have the power to turn them into reality.

Your reality - life on your own terms. A life where your dreams come true.
A life you want to live every single day and a few years from now, you will look back & say:

Glad, I took the decision to take control of my life.

And would there be a better time than now to gift yourself your dream life?

You're locked inside your house, you have a lot of time to
work on your dreams. Don't miss this precious time.

But, dreams do no turn into reality by luck.

It requires planning your goals to time management, getting the right mindset
to regular tracking of activities, and much more.

Maven Planner is exactly this process, neatly packed for you in easy to follow steps.

It gives you that sense of control to get up every day & follow your dreams in every area of your life.

Life won't happen to you from now, instead, you will create your own life with Maven Planner.


Some of the Improvements You Will See:

Maven Planner users share the below results with us all the time. 

Increase productivityStress in WorkIncrease Focus



What Are Your Goals?

Maven Planner helps you define your goals, in a clear concise manner. You will experience a shift in your thought process immediately.

You will be out of your confusion about what to do, not to do, anxieties, and immediately get on the path of your goals.

Maven Planner takes you through your entire day, weeks & months to guide you in developing your goal setting plan.

Unlike any other planner, this planner will focus always on your goals, helping you identify the gaps in your execution and immediately getting you back on track.

Being a Maven Planner user, you are always focused, motivated to get your dream life. And in that process, you will become the best version of yourself.



Case Studies of Maven Planner Users

Maven Planner has been a true blessing in my life. It helped me move from having goals to actually taking action towards them. My productivity has multiplied.
Daily morning practice to identify today's focus area to achieve my goals gets me moving immediately in the right direction.
Evening evaluations are my best part, as it clearly shows me the daily progress report.
Weekly & monthly planning & evaluation pages help me set the right path for long term success.
This is an amazing planner and now a part of my life. - 'Kiran Chabbra'


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Try Risk-Free with our Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure about Maven Planner and stand to it's every promise & help you get ahead in life.

We also want you to experience peace of mind while ordering any of our products.

Hence, to make this purchase 100% risk-free for you, we're offering you a 10 days refund policy.

You order the Maven Planner today, experience it. If you don't see the results promised here,

simply visit our Contact Us page, fill the form to get an instant refund.

Can it be any easier than this?



Maven Planner Features


Are you always busy & still not able to achieve your goals?
Probably because you’re working on ‘to-do lists’ rather than working on your ‘goals list’.
This productivity planner helps you make real progress by elevating your focus,
just like other high-performance individuals.


Timesheets in this undated planner would instill a new level of thinking in you.
It moves you away from ‘I don’t have enough time’ to ‘I should focus on this task at this hour’.
You will carefully plan your entire 24 hours to be in sync with your goals list.


TRACK YOUR PERFORMANCEWith daily, weekly & monthly sheets you would evaluate your performance on each level.
Every day you will have an evening journal, every week a weekly review,
and every month a monthly evaluation to ensure you are closer to success every single day.


With separate space to jot down your thoughts/ideas, you will have a consolidated list of all your
best ideas on which you can work to improve your productivity & achieve your goals faster.

Maven Planner is a sure-shot formula for success, wrapped into a neatly bound edition. It is a road-map for your every goal – whether short-term or long-term.
With daily, weekly & monthly pages, it helps you prioritize your focus areas so that you have a laser focus on your goals to achieve them. It increases your productivity & helps you become the person you always wanted to be.

Motivate yourself, prioritize your goals, plan your time, jot down your ideas, network with like-minded individuals, and do all that you can to attract success using Maven Planner.

Thousands like you rely on this system to achieve their goals. What are you waiting for?

With Maven Planner: - Prioritize Your Goals to cut down distraction - Plan Your Task List to achieve your goals faster - Carefully spend your time on high impact items - Track your performance to overcome your challenges - Jot down your best ideas to work on them. - Undated Planner, so you can begin any day you want to.

But the people who control their time, set goals, and do everything in their power to achieve them, are the ones who become successful.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Maven Planner for?

Maven planner is for people like you:

    • You know you have the potential & want to achieve more in life. This planner helps you align your daily actions with your goals & put you on a fast track to fulfillment.
    • If you feel stressed out because of daily life & goal commitments, usually there is a scope of improvement in time management. This planner helps you improve your time management game & increase productivity. So you can spend more time with your family.
    • You have plenty of ideas but not able to execute them with clarity. This planner will help you get your ideas our of your head & put it into action-oriented to-do lists, so you can see some movement in them.
    • In a nutshell, this planner is for anyone who has dreams, goals, ambitions & is serious about them.

Q2. How many pages it has?

It has 252 pages

    • It includes daily pages to plan your day & keep track of the progress,

    • Weekly pages to evaluate your weekly actions,

    • Monthly pages to look back & evaluate the movement done & to plan for the upcoming month,

    • blank canvas pages to help you take notes.


Q3. What is the size of Maven Planner?

Maven planner is 12 inches long and 8 inches wide. It has ample space to ensure you are never short of writing space.


Q4. How is Maven Planner different from other goal-setting/planner systems?

Maven planner has 3 crucial elements that separate it from other systems:

    • Outcome-oriented – Maven planner helps you become outcome-oriented not-to-do list-oriented. It makes you look for the outcome you want & then plan your actions around it. If the outcome is achieved, you don’t need to do all the tasks on your to-do list and that's the essence of Maven Planner.
    • Personalized – Maven planner is a blank canvas that you need to fill as per your goals. It could be fitness goals, family goals, career goals, financial goals, or anything in between. This planner will be personalized as per you, it helps you redirect your focus to achieve your goals. Not one size fits all approach.
    • Measurement – Maven planner has a measurement system included in it. It helps you measure what progress has been made, what is left, helps you evaluate the reasons for not making the progress. Measurement is where the magic happens. You must have heard the quote – ‘What gets measures, gets improved’. We take this seriously.


Q5. Is it returnable?

Yes, it is. We want you to experience peace of mind while ordering any of our products so we make this purchase 100% risk-free for you by offering a 10 days refund policy. You can ‘contact us’ if you would like to return the product.

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Additional information

Dimensions30 × 21 × 2 cm



Mavenmap; 2020 edition




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8 reviews for Maven Planner – Undated Daily Weekly Monthly Planner to Stay Focused, Plan & Achieve Goals and Improve Productivity

  1. Nitish Sharma

    I have tried almost every type of planner, calendar and journal! The design of the Maven Planner helped me be more purpose-driven, organised and joyful!

  2. Akanksha Mishra

    I love the Maven Planner. It provides the clarity and focus I need to accomplish my goals. And…I’m doing it with my son. What a difference and game changer.

  3. Dinesh Anand

    It’s the best planner available till date. Perfect product that helped me plan better and work towards success.
    I’ve used a lot of other planners and they are just appointment calendars.

    I was extremely happy to see the depth of thought that has gone in making this planner.
    I became atleast twice as productive after this planner.

  4. Deepthi Sharma

    I was having a tough time with my schedule & productivity. Maven planner helped me relax & get a hold of my schedule. Now I complete most of my work in half the time because of extreme focus this planner helps me achieve.

  5. Nitika Arora

    One of my friends gifted this planner and I thank god every day that he did. It has radically changed my daily routine and I’m so positive about achieving my goals now. This really helped me get through & go for my goals day & night. I’ve since then gifted this to 4 of my friends. Amazing concept. Thanks to the team behind this.

  6. Dr Neeraj Ramachandran (verified owner)

    Had the best customer service experience With regular updates. The planner itself is a gift to anybody looking to unclutter and organise their lives. The format and space is ideal. Def worth recommending to your near and dear friends Who are hungry for success.

  7. ishita bansal (verified owner)

    it helps to organise the unorganised mind, day, week , and month. it can beneficial for anyone looking for a positive change in there life.

  8. Dr Bhagwat (verified owner)

    I stumbled onto the Maven Planner, after having tried out several ones available. This is innovative, practical, and appeals to the maverick in me . And the product is really top notch quality

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