7 Step Strategy to Build a Daily Routine

Strategy to Build a Daily Routine

We are living in a fast-paced world where competition is cut-throat.

Everyone is toiling to achieve success. People struggle to build a routine and opt for different ways to reach their goals.

Some read more to widen their mental horizon, whereas, others enhance their skills to get a cutting edge over others.

People try to blend multiple things that can make them a perfect fit to achieve more in life.

But then we are taught some other traits viz. discipline, passion, and grit that everyone has to acquire when they have an insatiable thirst for success.

And again we miss the gist to have a powerful routine to acquire all virtues.

Before delving deeper, there is something that everyone has to understand that success is not esoteric.

Anyone can achieve it.

They say the experience is the father of wisdom.

And if we try to understand this through the experience of others who succeeded, we find something in common.

They all had strict discipline in their life of following a routine.

Whether your definition of success is based on money or power or knowledge or anything, unquestionably, there are a few habits that one has to adopt in one’s life to reach a pinnacle of success.

Indeed, it is a proper daily routine that assists everybody to push limits and scale new heights.

It is always a sane option to learn from those who have mastered the art of staying ahead of the time.

This is how we are going to learn to lead our lives to the fullest.

Regardless of how important it is, most of us still find making a routine an uphill task.

This article will shed light on a seven-step strategy that can help anybody build a routine and stay in high spirits to go an extra mile.

1. Write down the important tasks:

This might seem taxing at starting but it has colossally great results.

Successful people understand the fact that it is quite easier to follow and stay on track when we keep reminding ourselves about the things that are important.

Ask yourself – Do you have a goals/task list at this time? if the answer is no, that could be the possible reason for underachieved goals.

Building & writing a task list might appear boring but it brings a harvest of prosperity.

It’s keeps you on track, makes you measure if you actually did some productive work, and course corrects you in case you’re still not achieving your goals.

You can see the ‘goal planner‘ we have that is being used by hundreds of successful people.

Moreover, it also helps in strategizing. Once you have a goals/task list, you can strategize what actions needs to be taken & when to achieve your goals.


2. Prioritize:

Unquestionably, most of us keep ourselves busy in many unproductive activities that hardly do us any good.

While writing important tasks, it is a must to set priorities so that more and more tasks can be accomplished in considerably less time.

Building a routine requires patience and passion.

It is a time tested technique that developing a prioritized plan not only makes completing the tasks easy but also saves a good deal of time that can be further utilized in many productive ways.

3. There is no free lunch:

No doubt, every one of us know this fact, however, we tend to forget that every single goal we want to achieve comes at a price.

Expecting things to happen without fighting for it is definitely a folly.

Acting according to a certain timetable is a price that everyone has to pay on a daily basis to own success.

Get into an agreement in this step that you will be paying what price to follow the above created a task list.

Will I miss my favorite TV program to read that book I said I’ll read? Or I’ll miss going out for beers on a Friday night?

Whatever is the price, mention it. And catch yourself if you’re breaking your own rules.

4. Fight for the right:

Indeed, it does require efforts.

Prepare your mind to believe unshakably that circumstances can only change when we are ready to see these changes.

Building a plan demands us to stick to the habits and keep fighting with our temptations and cravings.

In simple words, more often than not, thoughts cloud the mind that time will bring us the things that are destined for us forgetting the fact that good things not actually come to those who wait but fight.

This can be testing to follow a particular course of activities but we all know a fact deep down that one has to make things happen.

Steve Jobs once mentioned that our time is limited and we just cannot afford to waste it.

Once you have defined the activities, stick to it, even if you’re not able to. Keep trying until your habits become your lifestyle.

5. Feed your brain:

It is easy to feel motivated for a period of time but with the passage of time, the pace of life again make masses forget about everything and start feeling demotivated.

So, when making a routine, do remember that it is as equally important to feed our brains as it is to feed our bodies.

Watching or reading something inspirational regularly helps us remind the fact that nothing is impossible to pain and patience.

Keep hearing success stories, read biographies of people who overcame failures & won, build a positive network of people around you that push you forward.

6. Think of the rewards:

Everyone wants to have fruitful and rosy future but only a few are ready to work for it.

Making habits is the first step we take towards getting closer to our goals.

It is blissful that humans can imagine.

Spare some time during a day to think about how it would feel when your efforts would fructify without forgetting the efforts you need to put to make those things happen.

This is one of the ways to stay laser-focused while toiling every day to reach one’s destination.

We love this quote, “Eat crap for few years to eat caviar for the rest of your life. “

7. Introspect:

Thinking rationally is always pivotal.

As important as thinking of rewards, introspection is quite vital.

On one hand, thinking of the rewards infuses verve and vigour and on the other hand, introspection is what acts one’s guidepost.

Give yourself some time to speculate about the benefits you are getting because of following a routine.

Assessing one’s action benefits one like anything

When one has a proper routine, one learns the fact that if anyone has a crystal clear picture, it makes it possible to bring changes that are required to make things happen.

Eventually, this can be asserted that building a routine is not something that requires any school or university course but it does need an understanding that it is a personal choice to keep things streamlined.

Building a daily routine is basically preparing oneself to deserve.

This seven-step strategy can lay a foundation for anyone who just has to prove their mettle.

Always keep in mind that there is always a ladder to ascend.

With a proactive daily routine, there is nothing as unachievable. Perseverance goes a long way and it must never be given a back seat.

We welcome you to share the hurdles that prevent you from building a fruitful routine.

We can, by all means, help you in every area where you need, to make your routine help you attain success.

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